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Top 13 Best Places To Live In Sydney For Students


best places to live in sydney for students

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Do you want to find the best places to live in Sydney for students? In the northern part of the city, a tapestry of areas seamlessly blends convenience, affordability, and a lively atmosphere—forming the quintessential choice for students searching for the perfect dwelling in Sydney. 

From Chatswood’s vibrant precincts to Macquarie Park’s academic haven, let’s embark on a journey through these student-centric locales to uncover the prime spots for living student life to the fullest in Sydney.

The Top 13 Best Places to Live in Sydney for Students


best places to live in sydney for students

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Finding the right area to call home while studying in Sydney can be an important factor in enjoying your student experience. Where you live affects everything from commute times to lifestyle choices and cost of living. 

Here are the top 13 best places to live in Sydney for students, focusing on amenities, affordability and a vibrant student atmosphere.


Located just south of the city, Newtown is a lively inner-west suburb and a popular student spot. It has a vibrant culture with many cafes, bars, and music venues. 

Shops and amenities are on your doorstep, and the nightlife is hard to beat. Flatshares and apartments are readily available, though you’ll need to hunt to find somewhere affordable.

Surry Hills

Surry Hills, one of the best places to live in Sydney for students, embodies a trendy and central vibe, nestled close to the city with an unmistakable buzz. Ideal for students, it boasts an abundance of cafes and restaurants. 

Crown Street’s array of shops ensures you’re never short on essentials. Accommodation options, spanning from studios to shared houses, cater to various preferences. However, brace yourself for higher rents in this sought-after locale.


Nestled within its leafy streets and Victorian terraces, Paddington exudes an irresistible charm. This neighbourhood is a treasure trove for students, inviting exploration of its famed markets, art galleries, and delightful boutique shops. 

With its captivating blend of historical architecture and a vibrant arts scene, Paddington presents an alluring setting that beckons students to immerse themselves in its cultural richness and eclectic offerings.


Glebe, renowned for its bohemian allure, beckons students with its vibrant weekend markets and laid-back atmosphere. It’s a hub where a diverse community thrives, offering students a haven for discovering vintage treasures and embracing a relaxed vibe. 

The blend of cultures and the easygoing ambience in Glebe creates an inviting space for students seeking unique experiences and a sense of belonging within this dynamic neighbourhood.


As an alternative to Newtown, Marrickville has a cool, arty atmosphere and is of great value to students. It has independent shops, eateries, and bars, plus leafy parks. Light rail access puts you in the city in no time. Shared housing and older-style apartments provide affordable student digs.


On the outskirts of inner Sydney, Parramatta combines affordability with modern amenities and a growing nightlife scene. The bustling riverfront has much to offer students exploring options outside the city core. Living alongside young professionals broadens the social experience, too.


Close to both Newtown and Central Station, multicultural Redfern stands as one of the best places to live in Sydney for students. It’s a vibrant hub, offering terraces for convenient high-rise living, with the lush Hyde Park steps away. 

Students on tight budgets find solace in the array of cafes, takeaways, and shops near the university catering specifically to their needs. Moreover, with brilliant transport links, getting around from Redfern is effortless for students juggling academic and social pursuits.


Randwick, the proud host to the esteemed University of New South Wales, boasts a dynamic blend of coastal living and verdant landscapes. Students relish its refreshing coastal vibes and ample green spaces, creating an ideal backdrop for study breaks and leisurely strolls. 

The youthful energy permeates Randwick, infusing the area with an invigorating spirit, making it an appealing locale for students seeking a vibrant academic environment amidst nature’s tranquillity.


This urban inner city neighbourhood has made its mark as a hip hub for students. High-rises dominate with reasonable rents for central digs near Sydney Uni and opposite the bustle of Darling Harbour. Public transport usage is a must here, but nightlife, culture, and cafes make up for it.


Waterloo’s allure lies in its sleek, modern apartments and its strategic proximity to the CBD, making it a magnet for students craving convenience and contemporary living. The area’s skyline is adorned with stylish residences that cater perfectly to the student lifestyle. 

With easy access to the bustling heart of Sydney, Waterloo offers a dynamic blend of urban vibrancy and modernity, presenting an enticing option for students eager to immerse themselves in the city’s pulse.


Nestled next to Randwick and home to the renowned University of New South Wales, Kensington offers a student-friendly atmosphere with convenient access to essential amenities. This suburb prioritises students’ needs, fostering a community-centric vibe and ensuring access to necessary facilities.

With its closeness to the university and a host of conveniences nearby, Kensington is an ideal choice for students seeking a harmonious blend of academic focus and comfortable living within Sydney’s educational epicentre.

North Ryde

Just north of the harbour, North Ryde seamlessly blends inner-city convenience with a charming village ambiance, offering an inviting locale for living in Sydney as a student. Its excellent transport links ensure easy access to Macquarie University, RMIT, and UTS, enticing students to consider this area for their accommodation needs. 

With its array of parks, libraries, and enticing lifestyle offerings, North Ryde presents an attractive prospect for students seeking an enriching living experience.

St Leonards 

Positioned in Northern Sydney, St Leonards offers a blend of urban vibrancy and peacefulness, tailored for students seeking convenience without compromising on tranquillity. This locale strikes a balance, offering a serene environment amidst the bustle of city life. 

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best places to live in sydney for students

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In Search of the Perfect Student Haven?


best places to live in sydney for students

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Choosing the ideal place to live in Sydney as a student is pivotal to your university experience. From the vibrant culture of Newtown to the coastal charm of Randwick, these top 13 student-centric locales offer a diverse range of amenities, affordability, and a bustling atmosphere, catering perfectly to student life in Sydney.

With Ace Land Realty‘s dedication to regularly updating their extensive rental listings, they ensure you’re among the first to explore the newest properties in the best places to live in Sydney for students.

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